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Tigers select Englert in Rule 5 Draft

The Detroit Tigers selected Mason Englert from the Rangers in the Rule 5 Draft

Frisco RoughRiders v Amarillo Sod Poodles Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers selected righthanded pitcher Mason Englert from the Texas Rangers in the major league portion of the Rule 5 Draft today. The Rangers receive $100,000 from the Tigers as a result of the selection.

Englert must stay on the major league roster for the 2023 season, and cannot be optioned. Should the Tigers not wish to carry him on the active roster, they will have to place him on waivers and, if he clears waivers, offer him back to the Rangers for $50,000. If another team claims him on waivers, the claiming team has to carry him on the active roster for 2023 just like Detroit would have been required to in order to keep him.

Englert was, along with Antoine Kelly, seen as a potential player who could be lost via this year’s Rule 5 Draft. Englert was one of 15 players selected in the major league portion of the draft. The Rangers did not pick anyone.

UPDATE — In the minor league portion of the draft, the Rangers lost catcher Randy Florentino, outfielder Josh Stowers, and pitcher Seth Nordlin. There is no roster requirement for the minor league portion — once the player is drafted, they are gone. All of these guys are what I would classify as fringe prospects, at best.

Texas selected no one in the minor league phase.