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Start of spring training in jeopardy after unproductive bargaining session, per reports

Multiple reports indicate that the bargaining session today between MLB and the MLBPA did not go well, and the start of spring training is in jeopardy

Fifth Day Of Strike By Renfe Train Drivers Photo By Alejandro Martinez Velez/Europa Press via Getty Images

MLB and the MLBPA had a bargaining session today, and per many many reports on Twitter, it did not go well. MLB was discouraged by the perceived lack of movement by the MLBPA, per reports, and just about all the national guys who are reporting on this are saying that, after this afternoon’s meeting, spring training appears unlikely to start on time.

MLB instituted a lockout almost two months ago, and until mid-January, there were basically no communications between the two sides. Since negotiations have started back up, there has been some movement on a few issues, but the sides are far apart on compensation for high-performing players who are not yet arbitration eligible, as well as ways of addressing potential service time manipulation.

Spring training would normally be starting in a couple of weeks, but the indications are that this won’t be resolved by then, and things are to the point where a potential delay to the start of the season is looking like a real possibility, given how far apart the sides are.

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