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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Happy Valentine’s Day

Texas Rangers v California Angels Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning. Usually the day after football is when I would goof about how it’s officially baseball season but baseball doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s not true, of course. Only Major League Baseball doesn’t exist. Amateur baseball is about to get underway and Jeff Wilson spoke with Texas Rangers scouting director Kip Fagg about the process of preparing for the No. 3 overall pick this summer.

R.J. Anderson has a top 50 2022 draft prospects ranking to help you familiarize yourself with the names to watch this spring.

The MLB Pipeline fellas each drafted a team of 2023-and-beyond prospects and the Rangers were well represented.

And, if you want to toss a no-hitter, Anthony Castrovince notes that The Shed is the best place to take the bump.

Have a nice day!