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Tuesday lockout update

There’s still talking. And there’s still a lockout.

Shiva As Lord Of The Dance (Nataraja) Photo by Heritage Art/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Another day of MLB and the MLBPA meeting, and another evening where the reports are that there has been some slight movement, but not a ton. And another evening where we can say that the two sides will meet again tomorrow.

In today’s developments, the MLBPA apparently agreed to lower their ask on the number of teams in the draft lottery from 8 to 7. The owners had previously increased their proposal from 3 to 4. I supposed we’ll end up with 5 or 6 teams in the lottery.

The players have reportedly dropped their ask on the number of players with two-plus years of service time who are arbitration eligible from 80% to 75%, but have also asked for the minimum salary, which they’d proposed at $775K for 2022, to move up gradually over the next several years.

The two things that, to me, seem like the easiest gives for the owners is minimum salary and the pre-arb bonus pool. The overall financial impact on the individual teams is not significant on either of those, and it seems like those are areas they’d want to give on, particularly if they are dead set on not significantly raising the CBT threshold and not adding more players to the Super Two eligibility pool.

Anyway, I doubt we see significant movement until Friday at the earliest.

Tune in tomorrow for more lockout updates.