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Saturday early p.m. lockout update

The players have made their latest offer

Migratory Birds At ManSagar Lake In Jaipur Photo by Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Today is February 26. Opening Day is, theoretically, 33 days away. We are two days away from the February 28 deadline which the owners have said is the date by which there needs to be a deal, or else regular season games will start being canceled.

MLB and the MLBPA are meeting again today, and per multiple reports, the union has just made a comprehensive proposal as to all issues in a meeting that lasted about fifteen minutes. The owners are now meeting separately to review the offer and, one would hope, formulate a response to provide later today.

One of the league’s complaints has supposedly been that the players were not presenting comprehensive proposals, but instead were addressing things piecemeal. This would put that complaint to rest, it would seem.

We will likely have some leaks on this proposal soon. By this evening we should have a better idea what the likelihood is of the season starting on time.