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Sunday mid-afternoon lockout update

The two sides are meeting, and things are quiet

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees
We could all use some smiling Adrian Beltre right now
Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

Good afternoon.

It is Sunday afternoon, one day before the February 28 deadline MLB has pointed to as the day by which there has to be an agreement between MLB and the union in order to avoid canceling games. We are at nut-cutting time. Yesterday’s meetings did not seem to go well, with reports being that both sides were mad at the end of the day.

Today...well, there have been meetings since noon Central time. There have been two sessions so far. A third is apparently going to happen. The sides are currently caucusing separately. As I type this, MLB negotiator Dan Halem, who headed over to the players side a few minutes ago, has just left and headed back to the owners’ side, per the folks on the scene (via Twitter).

I have seen no information about any offers, movement, etc. I will say that I tend to think that that is a good thing — it seems that it is more likely that there is some progress made if everyone is keeping tight-lipped about the negotiations.

We shall know more later today. I will do another post with another update later today.