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Sunday night lockout update

Well, there’s no deal yet, but everyone is still plugging away

Domestic cat Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images

It is the night before the day when a deal between the league and the players supposedly has to be done or else Opening Day will be canceled, and there is no deal.

There is, however, dialogue. There were multiple meetings today. The two sides are meeting tomorrow.

Overall, there seems to be an overall more positive tone after today’s sessions, though there’s a lot of cautioning that a deal isn’t particularly close. A deal is possible tomorrow, though it seems more likely that a deal doesn’t happen on Monday, but the door is left open for the season to start on time based on headway being made.

MLB just had a dramatically shortened season in 2020, due to a combination of the pandemic and the owners choosing to play a shorter season than was necessary in order to pay the players less. Losing games in 2022 because of labor strife would be a very bad follow up.