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Derek Jeter out as Marlins CEO

Derek Jeters has departed the Miami Marlins organization

Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Derek Jeter is out as Miami Marlins CEO, per reports this morning. Jeter also is reportedly no longer a shareholder in the Marlins franchise.

This came out of nowhere, and the national guys on Twitter are saying this came as a shock to those around the Marlins. Jeter was part of the group headed up by Bruce Sherman who bought the Marlins from Jeffrey Loria in 2017, and along with a 4% ownership interested was named the team CEO.

In a statement released today, Jeter says that “the vision for the future of the franchise is different than the one I signed up to lead.” There are any number of ways to read this, and it is certainly possible that the Marlins are not willing to spend the way that Jeter thought they would, or thinks they should. It could also be that he just doesn’t like doing the job anymore.