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Monday early p.m. lockout update: Things are bad again

MLB has apparently indicated it is willing to cancel a month worth of games, pre reports

Symbolbild Umtausch, Kostenerstattung, Rückzahlung, Kostenuebernahme: Stempel Photo by Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Today is, according to MLB, the do-or-die day, the day by which an agreement between the players and the owners needs to be reached if there is going to be a full 162 game season in 2022.

And the reports after the first session of the day are the MLB is taking a hard-line stance, telling the players that they are prepared to cancel a month of the season if the union doesn’t make a deal.

That’s not encouraging.

And it leads one to believe that there may be a lack of desire by the owners to play a full season — a belief that, depending on what, say, the television contract says or provides for, they will make more money by canceling a month worth of games and foregoing the associated gate receipts if that means also not paying the players for a month.

I’ve generally thought a deal would be worked out, and that there would be a 162 game season played.

I’m not feeling that way right now.