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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

What’s something you hate as much as Rob Manfred hates baseball?

Sporting News Archive Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Good morning.

To further complicate everything, instead of just paying players, MLB owners want to set up bonuses and then make the folks who calculate WAR figure things out for them. Those folks aren’t thrilled about it.

Jared Sandler talks about how Nick Solak’s ability to hit high velocity could be a difference maker as the Texas Rangers build out their roster.

And, when writing about strange records for each team, Anthony Castrovince notes that Bert Campaneris had 40 sac bunts in a season for the Rangers in 1977 and I’m glad I wasn’t yet born to see it. Elvis Andrus averaging 15.6 per season (and leading the league thrice) during the Ron Washington years was plenty for me.

Have a nice day!