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Jeremy Giambi has passed away at age 47

Former major leaguer Jeremy Giambi has passed away, per reports

Oakland Athletics v Anaheim Angels

Jeremy Giambi has died today, per his agent, via reports on Twitter. The former Oakland Athletic was 47.

This is very tragic news. Giambi, the brother of Jason Giambi, was originally a Kansas City Royals draft pick, and was traded to the Oakland A’s before the 2000 season. He had a meaningful role with Oakland on their 2000 and 2001 teams before being traded mid-season in 2002 to the Philadelphia Phillies for John Mabry.

Giambi was traded to the Boston Red Sox after the 2002 season for pitcher Josh Hancock. Hancock, in a tragic bit of irony, also died young, as he was killed in a car wreck in April, 2007.

Giambi struggled with the Red Sox in 2003 in what ended up being his final major league season. He spent time in the minors with the White Sox and Dodgers before retiring after the 2005 season.

Reports indicate Giambi died at his parents home in California. No cause of death was given.