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Thursday a.m. lockout update: Int’l Draft agreement reached?

Reports indicate that the players and the league have reached an agreement on the international draft issue, which was the most recent major stumbling block

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Good morning.

It is Thursday, March 10, and the lockout continues.

It what has to qualify as good news, however, the league and the players have reportedly agreed on the “International Draft” issue which derailed talks last night, and resulted in the league announcing another week’s worth of games were...canceled? Postponed? In limbo? We shall see...

In any case, reportedly, the two sides have agreed that they agree to negotiate on the international draft until July 25, and if there is not agreement by then, there will be no international draft, and draft compensation will remain for free agents. If there is an agreement, well, presumably there will be no draft compensation.

The good news here is that it pre-supposes that everything else will be resolved prior to July 25.

Meanwhile, the two sides are continuing to talk today. The international draft issue is what led to Rob Manfred throwing a tantrum last night, but with that out of the way, hopefully more headway can be made on the outstanding issues.