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MLBPA, MLB reach agreement, per reports

The players and owners have reportedly reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal

An unruly family, cats

MLB and the MLBPA “have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal,” per Jeff Passan. Passan says ratification by both parties is expected to be “a formality.” The players were voting on the deal when the 3 p.m. Eastern deadline came and went, and while reports indicated that the executive committee was opposed to the deal, there were apparently enough “yes” votes from the team representatives for it to pass, with Jon Heyman saying the final vote was 26-12 (there are 30 team reps and 8 executive committee members who vote).

Players will be able to begin reporting to spring training tomorrow, per Passan. Opening Day will apparently be on April 7. The plan is apparently to extend the season by a few days, and add doubleheaders to account for the games that need to be made up beyond that to get to a full 162 games.

Free agency, trades, and everything else should presumably begin tonight.

Baseball is back. Finally.

Fucking hell. Let’s not do this again for a while, okay?