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Rangers officially sign Miller: 2/$10M

Brad Miller has officially been added to the 40 man roster

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have officially announced the signing of free agent infielder Brad Miller to a two year deal. Reports are that the deal is for $10M, with a $6M salary this year and $4M in 2023.

Miller is a lefty bat who can play a number of positions and hit righthanded pitchers well enough to be a possible platoon option. Miller also gives Texas a utility infield option who can play shortstop on those days Corey Seager isn’t in the field. One would assume Miller would potentially be in a platoon at third base, though he has also been mentioned as part of a possible left field platoon, should the Rangers not add a starting outfielder.

Also kind of noteworthy that this is slightly frontloaded, presumably with an eye towards expecting to make additional pickups this coming offseason, and wanting to have more payroll space available then.

With this move, the Rangers 40 man roster is at 40.