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Rangers pursuing Story, per reports

The Ranger are reportedly among the teams talking to free agent shortstop Trevor Story

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Rumors: The Texas Rangers are “in the mix” for Trevor Story, along with the Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants, per Jon Heyman on Twitter. Heyman also mentions the New York Yankees as being in on Story.

With Opening Day less than three weeks away and the likelihood of landing the type of huge long term contract Story was likely seeking at the start of free agency dimming, it is appearing more and more likely he may end up with a high AAV, short term deal that would allow him to re-enter the free agent market fairly soon. Carlos Correa, the other top free agent shortstop who was still unsigned before the lockout, just took a three year, $105.3 million deal with a pair of opt outs from the Minnesota Twins. Story may be looking for a similar (if lesser) deal.

Story isn’t getting the dollars Correa received, and its going to be harder for him to get the opt outs, but something short term would seem to be likely what he is looking at at his point. For the Rangers, the pursuit of Story would likely be in order to have him play third base for 2022, now that Josh Jung is out for the year.

Heyman says Story’s preference is to play shortstop, but with Corey Seager manning shortstop for the Rangers, Xander Bogaerts playing shortstop for the BoSox, and Brandon Crawford handling the position for the Giants, he would have to change positions if he joined any of those teams. Only the Astros and Yankees, of the five teams Heyman mentioned, have an opening at shortstop.

While I have seen folks voice concerns about Story’s road numbers during his time in Colorado, as we discussed here, his road numbers (like most Rockies hitters) appear to be primarily impacted by struggles in the first few games after leaving Colorado, due to the ball moving differently when it is not at altitude.