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Rangers settle all four arbitration cases

The Rangers continue their streak of settling arbitration cases

MLB: Texas Rangers at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers continued their streak of avoiding going to arbitration, settling with all four of their arbitration-eligible players today. The deals are as follows:

Mitch Garver — $3,335,000

Willie Calhoun — $1,300,000

Taylor Hearn — $1,050,000

Brett Martin — $1,025,000

As you may have heard a time or two before, the last time the Rangers went to arbitration with a player was with Lee Stevens before the 2000 season. They then shipped Stevens off to Montreal in the middle of spring training in a three team deal that brought David Segui to Texas.

The third player in that deal was Brad Fullmer, who went from Montreal to Toronto. For some reason I was thinking spent a long time with the Angels, but he only spent two seasons there. Fullmer last appeared in the majors with the Rangers in 2004.

Segui was dealt by the Rangers in the summer of 2000 for Ricky Ledee. Stevens, meanwhile, ended up being salary ballast when the Expos sent Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore to Cleveland for Bartolo Colon.