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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Pencil’s down

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Texas Rangers v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Good morning. The owner’s hollow labor agreement deadline from last week is now this week’s new hollow labor agreement deadline as MLB has said that if a deal isn’t agreed upon today, the hope for a 162-game season is out the window.

91 total games have already potentially been lopped off of the 2022 schedule for the 30 teams which allowed Bradford Doolittle to remember a year (1972, the first year of the Texas Rangers in Arlington) where MLB lost the first week or so of the season due to a work stoppage that eventually caused some playoff race injustices.

Levi Weaver writes that prospect Davis Wendzel is ready to play anywhere the team asks him after they loaded up on star infielders this winter.

After a breakout season in 2021, right-hander Zak Kent lands at No. 25 on Evan Grant’s top Rangers prospects list.

Weaver is among those at The Athletic picking out the AL West prospects that are most in danger of being stopped in their tracks by the lockout.

And, FanGraphs is asking for folks to consider joining the site as a member as the world — and the sport itself — hasn’t exactly made it easy to run comprehensive coverage of baseball during this decade.

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