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Tuesday p.m. lockout update: Who knows

More games may be canceled today

Dogs search for food after snowfall in Turkiye’s Malatya province Photo by Ayhan Iscen/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

We are still on lockout watch here at LSB, as we sitting scrolling obsessively through Twitter for hints and inklings of what is going on in the negotiations between the league and the players.

The league has indicated that today is the last day for a day to be done that would ensure a full 162 game season. You may recall that the league originally said that about February 28, and then March 1.

The two sides met again today, and there are reports on Twitter of progress and renewed optimism for a deal, but it seems like every time we hear that, it is followed up by reports that the players changed their position or refused to compromise or something like that, and so the owners feel betrayed and let down, and then we find out that the owners hadn’t actually improved their offer at all, and had stuck in there that the owners grandkids get to kick each player on the 40 man roster in the nuts once a week or something like that.

So I’m going to assume the reports of progress are not accurate.

Anyway, expect to hear later today that another week’s worth of games are canceled.