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Minor league update for 4/12/22

Some positive things happened at the farm

NASA Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars Photo illustration by NASA via Getty Images

Gavin Collyer started for the Wood Ducks and cruised for three innings, but the wheels came off in the fourth, as an HBP, four singles and a walk ended his night. Nick Lockhart followed Collyer, striking out three and walking two in 2.2 IP. Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa threw a scoreless inning, striking out two.

Maximo Acosta had a double and a walk. Alejandro Osuna had a single.

Down East box score:

Ricky Vanasco had his first action in an official game since 2019 in starting for Hickory. It was a brief outing, as Vanasco went 1.2 IP and allowed three runs via a first inning three run home run by Heriberto Hernandez. Vanasco threw 44 pitches, walked two and struck out one.

Keyber Rodriguez went four for four. Trevor Hauver homered. Thomas Saggese, Evan Carter and Chris Seise all had hits.

Hickory box score:

Zak Kent allowed three runs in four innings for Frisco on five hits and three walks, striking out one. Chase Lee allowed no runs on a hit and a walk, striking out two in two innings.

Jonathan Ornelas had three hits. Blaine Crim had a single and a double. Dustin Harris and Josh Stowers each had hits.

Frisco box score:

Kohei Arihara started for Round Rock and allowed a run in four innings. Rehabbing Garrett Richards allowed a pair of runs on three hits, striking out one.

As I type this, Round Rock is in the bottom of the seventh. Leody Taveras and Bubba Thompson each have three hits, and Josh Smith and Davis Wendzel each have two. We shall update at some point after the game ends.

UPDATE — After this went up, Leody got a fourth hit. Sam Huff had a pair of hits on the day as well. Daniel Robert pitched a scoreless ninth.

Round Rock box score