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2-7 - Rangers can’t resurrect a victory, drop series to Angels

And here I thought this team would at least be watchable

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers scored thrice but the Anaheim Angels scored eight times.

Yuck. Take all the concerns about this team coming into this season, compound them to a degree that is distinctly Rangers and you had a microcosm today for what is quickly careening toward a disaster as Texas miserably dropped their third of three series so far in 2022.

A blow up inning eventually caused today’s starter Martin Perez to be lifted after four innings and just 67 pitches to once again force baseball’s most overburdened and perhaps undertalented bullpen to tightrope walk through many innings which it predictably did not do.

In addition, the bats disappointed after the customary crooked number flareup.

The overall play? The Rangers committed three errors, walked seven hitters, allowed three stolen bases, had a passed ball that scored a run, and hit Mike Trout with a pitch that forced him out of the game and made them public enemy No. 1 to the general baseball audience who enjoys watching historically great players.

It wasn’t good and it hasn’t been good and it’s hard to see how it will be good in the immediate future.

Other than that, Happy Easter!

Player of the Game: El Bombi clobbered a two-run blast to give this game its one fleeting moment of uncertainty.

Up Next: Feels bad to be happy for a day off less than two weeks into a season but the Rangers seem like they need one. Texas will resume play on Tuesday night in Seattle.