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2022 Texas Rangers Recap Vol. 1

It could have gone better

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

2022 Texas Rangers Record: 2-7

Rangers Series Record: 0-3

The 2022 Rangers have been very hit and miss.

Pun intended.

They have yet to win a series or even split. In their two wins so far, they’ve scored 12 and 10 runs. And really scoring isn’t their problem, it’s the defense and pitching that has severely let them down.

Pitching let them down in their home opener. And then the Rangers of course lost that game. Mostly because if pitching but also because of the slide rule. Which I understand the rule, I don’t understand how it applied in this situation but then again they asked New York to review it and not me.

Pitching also let them down in the second game of the Angels series. In my opinion, the Angels had no business winning a game in which they literally gave the Rangers a run. And yet, Texas pitching, or rather their lack of, very quickly lost that game and the series.

Luckily they will get some pitching help in the rotation with Jon Gray returning from IL after getting a blister on Opening Day. Hopefully having a solid starting rotation, and a day off on Monday, will really help the team.