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Minor league update for 4/20/22, Part II

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Salmon Farm In Xinjiang Nilka County Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Bradford Webb made his second appearance of the season for Down East today, and once again kept the opponents off the board, going 4 innings, striking out 7, walking 2 and allowing 3 hits. Emiliano Teodo went 2.2 IP, allowing no runs or hits, walking three and striking out two. Leury Tejada threw two scoreless innings.

Derwin Barreto had a pair of home runs. Tucker Mitchell had a single and a double. Maximo Acosta tripled. Daniel Mateo had a pair of hits.

Down East box score

Not much to say about Hickory today. Thomas Saggese and Evan Carter each had walks. Hickory had just two hits, both by Frainyer Chavez.

Hickory box score

Frisco had Avery Weems start. Weems allowed three runs in three innings, allowing two home runs, walking two batters and striking out four. Lucas Jacobsen had a hitless, scoreless inning with a K and a walk.

Dustin Harris had a homer and a single. Ezequiel Duran had a double.

Frisco box score

We wrote about the Round Rock game earlier today. You can check it out here.