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Thursday Morning Links


Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Morning, all!

The seventh triple play in Ranger history wasn’t enough to keep the team from hanging another in the loss column last night.

The triple play came on a hard hit ball that had a good chance of scoring some Mariner runs.

Evan Grant says that regression to the mean should translate to more wins at some point, so I guess the 2022 are probably not historically terrible even though it feels that way.

Chris Woodward acknowledges the bad luck and says that it’s frustrating to have so many good at-bats turn in to outs.

Chris Young doesn’t regret relying on so many young relievers despite the fact that the team is 2-9.

Though the advanced stats say the Rangers haven’t been lucky on the field, they have managed to avoid full-blown COVID outbreaks even though they’ve had some positive tests.