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2022 Texas Rangers Weekly Recap Vol. 4

The recap of the previous week

MLB: Game Two-Texas Rangers at New York Yankees Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

2022 Texas Rangers Record: 11-16

Rangers Series Record: 3-6

Much like the Yankees series last week, this weekly recap was rain delayed.

A funny way of saying, I was swamped by my full-time job and also tired.

But better late than never as they say.

In their first road trip in May, the Rangers went 3-2 after sweeping a quick two-game mid-week series in Philadelphia before heading to New York. And of course, what seems to happen every two seasons in New York, rain occurred during the series and this time instead of having yet another tarp gate, they went ahead and canceled Friday and Saturday.

Smart considering the Yankees grounds crew is not well equipped for emergency tarp situations... or at least previously have not been.

2014: the irony of the announcer saying “they got this down to a science.”

2016: This, I believe, was the turning point for the Rangers that season and heading to post season. You’ll remember this game as the day/night/morning we got the classic gif of Beltre’s and Fielder’s sons cheering

(It ruins the every 2 years pattern, but in 2017 Tanaka and Darvish’s first matchup was also rain delayed in New York)

2018 surprise surprise, it rained during the game. Not enough for the tarp or delay. However the Rangers did have the bases loaded in the 9th when it was pouring and a double would’ve tied, or put Texas in the lead sooo...

2020, we didn’t play each other because the pandemic.

And finally, we witnessed 2022.

So be on the look out when the Rangers go to New York in 2024.

Anyway, long tangent and Texas history for your end-of-the-week, previous-week recap because life, ya know?