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Minor league update for 5/13/22

Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor, oh that Minor League Base Ball...

China/Taiwan: ‘Chiayi/Jiayi Park’, oil on canvas, Chen Cheng-po/Chen Chengbo (1895-1947), 1937 Photo by: Pictures from History/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

For Down East, Josh Stephan allowed three runs in six innings, striking out seven and walking three. Michael Brewer pitched the tenth and allowed one walk and no hits, but allowed two runs due to the Zombie Runner and two errors.

Alejandro Osuna homered and walked. Maximo Acosta had a pair of hits.

Down East box score

Nate Krauth started for Hickory, and put up six shutout innings. Marc Church threw a shutout inning. Evan Carter and Keyber Rodriguez each homered. Thomas Saggese had a single and a double. Cody Freeman doubled.

Hickory box score

Frisco started Cody Bradford, who struck out ten in five innings against just one walk, but allowed a pair of home runs, and gave up four runs in all. Lucas Jacobsen gave up a two run home run in an inning of work. Fernery Ozuna through a scoreless inning.

Blaine Crim homered and doubled. Dustin Harris had a hit and a pair of walks. Justin Foscue had a hit.

Frisco box score

Cole Winn started for Round Rock and continued to be plagued by the control problems that have been an issue of late, walking four against just two Ks while allowing five runs in six innings of work. Spencer Patton threw a scoreless inning.

Leody Taveras, Davis Wendzel and Zach Reks all homered. Josh Smith had a pair of hits.

Round Rock box score