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Minor league update for 5/18/22

Its the 5/18/22 minor league update, y’all!

35th Annual Ellis Island Medals Of Honor Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Stellar Productions

Bradford Webb started for Down East, allowing two runs in five innings, striking out four and walking two. Emiliano Teodo allowed four runs in two innings of work, walking two and striking out two. Dylan MacLean allowed a pair of runs on two hits in an inning of work, striking out two.

Junior Paniagua and Cam Cauley each doubled. Alejandro Osuna had a hit and a walk. Maximo Acosta had a hit.

Down East box score

Ricky Vanasco took the mound for Hickory and had a solid outing, striking out four batters and walking none in five innings, allowing two runs on four hits. March Church struck out two and walked one in a scoreless inning.

Luisangela Acuna went three for five with a double and a homer. Evan Carter homered. Chris Seise had a pair of hits.

Hickory box score

Frisco had Avery Weems starting. Weems allowed a pair of runs in five innings of work. Kyle Gowdy allowed a run in two innings. Justin Slaten allowed a run in 0.2 IP, walking two and striking out one. Fernery Ozuna allowed three runs in 1.1 IP.

Justin Foscue had a walk and a double. Ezequiel Duran had a walk and a hit.

Frisco box score

Kolby Allard struck out six and walked one in 3.1 scoreless innings. Albert Abreu allowed an unearned run in an inning of work. Yerry Rodriguez struck out one in a scoreless inning. Daniel Robert allowed a pair of runs in an inning. Spencer Patton threw a scoreless inning.

Leody Taveras was two for five with a walk, a steal and a double. Sherten Apostel had two walks and a hit. Davis Wendzel had a pair of walks. Mitch Garver, who shifted from Frisco to Round Rock for his rehab assignment, had a hit and a walk. Josh Smith had a walk. Bubba Thompson had a hit and a stolen base.

Round Rock box score