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Thoughts on a 6-5 Rangers win

Rangers 6, Angels 5

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Rangers 6, Angels 5

  • And its a walkoff sweep. The best kind of sweep.
  • Texas got a Quality Start from Dane Dunning, who struck out six batters in six innings of work, including 11 swinging strikes. It was a nice, solid effort, even with the two homers allowed (and one of the homers was to Mike Trout, so I’m not even sure that counts).
  • Brock Burke and John King set things up for Matt Bush to pick up a save in the ninth, which didn’t happen because Bush allowed a two run home run to tie the game.
  • Bush has now allowed four home runs in 14.1 IP this year. That’s a bit of a problem. He also allowed three home runs last year, in just four innings of work. That’s seven homers in his last 18 innings. He’s going to have to, you know, knock that off.
  • Joe Barlow, incidentally, was not available due to a “hot spot” on his finger, which is apparently the start of a blister. He’s getting a day or two for it to heal, so it doesn’t turn into an actual blister that might necessitate an injured list stint.
  • Kole Calhoun was a popular candidate to be sent away for much of the season, such as the season has been so far, after a disastrously slow start. But another big game, with a walk, a HBP, a double, and a crucial home run in the eighth off of former Ranger great Jimmy Herget that gave the Rangers the insurance run they ended up needing. His OPS is now up to 741 on the year.
  • Marcus Semien — who, you may have heard, has been in a bit of a slump to start the year — had three hits, which is encouraging. And Nathaniel Lowe — who, you may have heard, has been slumping, and also hasn’t been hitting for power this year — hit the walk off home run to win the game for Texas.
  • Dane Dunning topped out at 90.5 mph on his sinker. Brock Burke reached 96.4 mph on his fastball. John King topped out at 94.0 mph on his sinker. Matt Bush’s fastball reached 98.8 mph. Dennis Santana touched 97.5 mph on his sinker.
  • Kole Calhoun had exit velocities of 106.7 and 106.2 on his double and home run, respectively. Nathaniel Lowe’s second inning GIDP was 106.5 mph off the bat, even harder hit than his walk off bomb, which was 105.5 mph. Marcus Semien had singles of 101.6 mph and 100.4 mph. Eli White had a 103.8 mph ground out. Brad Miller’s home run was 103.8 mph, as well.
  • On to Houston, and the hated Astros for four.