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Thursday Morning Links


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Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Jeff Wilson observes that it’s hard to believe that this is the same team that started 2-9, and that Nathaniel Lowe’s walkoff homer last night after Matt Bush gave up a two run homer in the ninth is how winning teams turn things around.

Levi Weaver says that the offense turning around is a product of the coaches telling the hitters to be themselves and not let past performance dictate future performance.

Coaching hitters requires an individualized approach and what works for Eli White isn’t going to work for Adolis Garcia.

Jose Leclerc and Jonathan Hernandez are nearing a return to the Ranger bullpen, with both pitching in extended spring training.

Joe Barlow, however, has a “hot spot” on his index finger and may be unavailable for a few days.

Mike Trout is now tied with Reggie Jackson for the home runniest hitter the Rangers have ever faced.

Jonah Heim has had some success against Shohei Ohtani, but he says that he just tries to drive balls in the zone.

And, finally, I’m sure you’ve heard of “baby trapping,” but there is an all-female salamander species in the Great Lakes region that steals sperm from other salamander species in a process called “kleptogenesis.”