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SBN Reacts: Overperforming and underperforming teams

SBN Reacts asked, what teams are most overperforming and underperforming expectations?

In this week’s SBN Reacts, folks were asked about the early results, and which teams were overperforming, and underperforming, expectations the most.

In terms of overachieving, the Colorado Rockies received the majority of the votes after jumping out to a 10-5 start. The hated Seattle Mariners also received a fair amount of support, though they’ve lost four of their last five, dropping them to 12-10 — if the poll had been taken a week later, Seattle likely wouldn’t have fared so well.

On the underperforming side, your Texas Rangers were an option, though they also received the lowest percentage of the vote. That is likely a reflection of the relatively low expectations most folks had for the Rangers to start with, however. The Chicago White Sox, who were seen as the favorites in the American League Central when the season started, have been in a freefall — after starting the year 6-2, they are currently at 8-13, and were the leading vote-getter in the underperformance poll.