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Albert Abreu activated from injured list

The Rangers have activated pitcher Albert Abreu from the injured list

Atlanta Braves v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have activated relief pitcher Albert Abreu from the injured list, the team has announced today. Relief pitcher Nick Snyder was optioned after Sunday’s game against the Houston Astros, so there was an open spot on the active roster.

Abreu is a 26 year old righthanded pitcher who was acquired by the Rangers as part of the deal that sent Jose Trevino to the Yankees right before the season started. Abreu joins what is now a nine pitcher bullpen for the Rangers.

As we have previously discussed, all teams will be capped at thirteen pitchers on their active rosters as of May 30. That means that the Rangers will have to remove a pitcher from their active roster by that date to get down to the thirteen pitcher limit. Abreu does not have options remaining, so if Abreu ends up being the odd man out, he would not be able to be sent to the minors without being placed on waivers.

If the Rangers decide to option a pitcher, Brett Martin and John King would be the most likely options. Of the relief pitchers currently on the active roster, I believe that only Martin, King, Brock Burke and Joe Barlow have options remaining.