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Minor league update for 5/27/22

Not the best of days on the farm

The James Webb Space Telescope Launches From French Guiana Photo by Andrew Richard Hara/Getty Images

Josh Stephan went seven innings for the Ducks, allowing three runs while striking out nine and walking one. Maximo Acosta and Daniel Mateo each had hits.

Down East box score

Nate Kreuth allowed a pair of runs while striking out seven in seven innings. Marc Church gave up a three run home run while striking out three in two innings of work. Chris Seise and Keyber Rodriguez each had two hits. Trevor Hauver and Thomas Saggese had a hit apiece.

Hickory box score

Cole Ragans started for Frisco. He went five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits and two walks, fanning five. Dustin Harris had two hits. Blaine Crim had two walks.

Frisco box score

Jake Latz allowed four runs in four innings for the Express, striking out four and walking two. Hever Bueno allowed two runs in 1.1 IP. Demarcus Evans allowed three runs in 0.2 IP while striking out two and walking two.

Bubba Thompson was four for five with a pair of home runs and a stolen base. Josh Smith homered and walked. Willie Calhoun had a hit and a walk. Nick Solak had a hit. Zach Reks had a pair of hits.

Round Rock box score