Texas Rangers answering questions over police response to Uvalde school


A community grapples with the tragic loss following a mass school shooting that left 19 children dead along with two teachers. New images are also coming in of the suspect entering Robb Elementary reportedly through an unlocked door. Plus, families were seen frustrated as video was taken moments after the shooting where parents were urging officers to rush the school. Police gave more details about the timeline – that it took 12 minutes after the shooter crashed his car and then made it into the school. 18-year-old Salvador Ramos climbed a fence and began shooting at the school before finding an unlocked door and running in. The Texas Rangers are the lead investigating agency and they revealed that the suspect spent time walking around the outside of the school and that he was on school grounds for up to an hour while police were rescuing children and teachers. The suspect was also shooting at police through a wall but preliminary information is that police did not shoot back fearing that there was a possibility their gunfire could harm children. NFL Webcast is the site that allows you to stream various NFL games live, which you can do without signing up for any subscription service.