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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

A sit and think kind of day

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry ponders what to take from a decent road trip that could have been a positive one but we’ll try not to dwell on yesterday’s abysmal baseball game from the Texas Rangers.

Levi Weaver has his weekly notes on the offense heating up a little and the Rangers nearing a less demanding schedule in June.

Joseph Hoyt’s notebook over at the DMN covers some items from the weekend and the game that I refuse to acknowledge.

The MLB coverage crew for ESPN discuss the standings as we enter the second third of the season, including the Rangers as potential sleepers.

And, Will Leitch fills out an all-May All-Star team for each league with the Rangers placing Kole Calhoun and Martin Perez on the squad, just as we expected.

Have a respectful Memorial Day!