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Texas Rangers lineup for May 4, 2022

Can Texas sweep the Phillies? Tune in and find out...

Texas Rangers v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for May 4, 2022 against the Philadelphia Phillies: starting pitchers are Martin Perez for the Rangers and Zack Wheeler for the Phillies.

The Rangers will be trying to sweep this short two game road series against the Phillies today, and are facing Zack Wheeler, who I always think is lefthanded even though he’s righthanded, resulting in me initially being confused when I saw today’s lineup.

The lineup:

Lowe — 1B

Semien — 2B

Seager — SS

Garcia — CF

Calhoun — RF

Garver — C

Reks — LF

Miller — 3B

Ibanez — DH

5:45 p.m. Central start time