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Rangers starting pitchers for doubleheader, Monday

The Rangers have aligned

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have Dane Dunning listed as the starting pitcher for Game One of the doubleheader against the New York Yankees on Sunday, May 8. Glenn Otto, who was originally slated to pitch today, will start Game Two of the doubleheader.

After the doubleheader, the Rangers have Jon Gray listed as the likely start for Monday’s makeup game against the Yankees. Martin Perez is listed as the team’s starter on Tuesday against...the Royals, I think? (Goes and checks). Yes, its the Royals, who the Rangers start a three game home series against on Tuesday, May 10.

Taylor Hearn will presumably start on Wednesday. For Thursday’s game, however, the Rangers are going to have to figure something out, since the doubleheader on Sunday and the makeup game on Monday mean all of their five starters will have had less than four days rest on Thursday. Depending on how things go for Perez and Hearn, Texas could go with a bullpen game on Thursday, or they could call someone up from AAA to start Thursday’s game. If they go the AAA route, A.J. Alexy started yesterday, and thus would have five days of rest, so he would seem to be the most likely option.