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Minor league update for 6/1/22

Jack Leiter pitched and was good

60th Anniversary Of Zippo Lighters... Photo by Patrick AVENTURIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Bradford Webb started for Down East. Webb went 5.1 IP, allowing three runs on four hits and two walks, striking out seven. Bubba Hoopii-Tuionetoa allowed a solo homer in 0.2 IP. Emiliano Teodo allowed nine runs.

Maximo Acosta had a double, a walk and two stolen bases. Alejandro Osuna had a double and a walk. Cam Cauley had a triple and a single.

Down East box score

Hickory had Ricky Vanasco start. Vanasco allowed four runs in four innings of work, striking out six and walking three. Destin Dotson struck out three in 1.2 IP. Michael Brewer allowed two runs in an inning of work.

Trevor Hauver and Cody Freeman each had a homer and two walks. Chris Seise had a pair of hits. Evan Carter had a double and a walk. Luisangel Acuna and Aaron Zavala each had three walks.

Hickory box score

Frisco’s Game One was finishing up yesterday’s game that was suspended in the second. Cody Bradford threw a scoreless inning before the game was suspended. Jack Leiter pitched when the game resumed today, throwing 5.2 scoreless innings, allowing four hits, walking three and striking out eight. Fernery Ozuna had a scoreless inning.

Dustin Harris was two for five with a homer. Ezequiel Duran was two for five with a double. Jonathan Ornelas was two for four with a walk.

Game Two is taking a while so we will update later.

Frisco Game One box score

Spencer Howard had five scoreless innings in his start for Round Rock. Josh Sborz had two scoreless innings. Yerry Rodriguez had a scoreless inning. Willie Calhoun was three for four with a pair of homers. Steele Walker had a pair of hits and a walk.

Round Rock box score