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Minor league update for 6/9/22

The minor leaguiness

World Oceans Day in Rio de Janeiro Photo by Fabio Teixeira/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Robbie Ahlstrom started for the Ducks and had his best start of the year, striking out eight in six shutout innings of work while walking two. Teodoro Ortega threw two shutout innings. Daniel Mateo had three hits. Alejandro Osuna had a hit.

Down East box score

Hickory had Ben Anderson start and allow one run in five innings of work. Evan Carter was back in the lineup and went two for five. Luisangel Acuna and Thomas Saggese each had a single and a double. Keyber Rodriguez had three walks. Chris Seise and Cody Freeman each had a hit.

Hickory box score

Frisco and Amarillo only played five innings but still combined for 21 runs. Zak Kent allowed nine runs in four innings, striking out four. Justin Foscue was two for two with a homer and a walk. Blaine Crim homered. Dustin Harris doubled.

Frisco box score

A.J. Alexy started for Round Rock and got lit up, allowing seven runs in 2.2 IP with three homers and three Ks. Jason Bahr allowed four runs in 2.1 IP. Nick Snyder struck out three batters in an inning but also allowed four runs.

Bubba Thompson had a single and a double. Leody Taveras had a walk and a double. Nick Solak had a pair of walks.

Round Rock box score

D.J. McCarty started for the Surprise Squad and went five innings, allowing one run while striking out five and walking one. Michael Alfonso allowed one run in three innings while striking out six. Jose Felix had a pair of hits. Gleider Figuereo had a hit.

Arizona Rangers box score