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2022 Down East Wood Ducks hitting stats

The numbers for the Down East hitters so far in 2022

Carolina or Wood Duck, Aix sponsa, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

With the baseball season roughly two months in, we are perusing the numbers for the players for the Rangers’ various minor league affiliates, starting with the low-A Down East Wood Ducks.

After looking yesterday at what the pitchers have done so far this season, we are looking today at the DEWDs hitters:

Alejandro Osuna has been the breakout guy among the hitters so far in 2022. Osuna was assigned to Down East last season in mid-June, once extended spring ended. As someone who played all of 2021 as an 18 year old, that was an aggressive assignment, and he struggled early on. Osuna improved once he got his feet wet, though, and (Arbitrary Endpoint Alert!!!) he slashed .250/.381/.442 over 148 plate appearances from July 20 on.

Osuna has built on that performance so far this year, cutting his K rate almost in half while continuing to draw walks. He’s not hitting a ton of homers, but then, he’s 19 and in full season ball. As he fills out, we may see more power develop.

We have been hearing about Maximo Acosta so long, and in such superlative terms, that seeing a .259/.350/.358 slash line from him feels disappointing. Like Osuna, though, Acosta is still just 19 years old — they were born less than three weeks apart — and as a true shortstop, he’s doing fine right now.

The Rangers went with high schoolers in the third and fourth round in 2021, selecting shortstop Cam Cauley and catcher Ian Moller, and challenged both of them with full season assignments in their first pro season. Each is struggling offensively in their initial action, but like Osuna and Acosta, each will play the entire year as 19 year olds — Moller is three days older than Acosta, and Cauley won’t turn 20 until February — so the numbers are less of a concern at this point.