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Minor league update for 6/12/22

Sunday’s Ranger affiliate action

Baby deer named Bambi at Odessa Zoo Photo by Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Winston Santos started for the DEWDs and had not his best outing, as he allowed a pair of home runs in 5.2 IP, with seven runs total scoring against him.

Alejandro Osunda had a pair of hits and a pair of stolen bases. Daniel Mateo had a pair of hits and one stolen base. Marcus Smith had a hit and a stolen base. Maximo Acosta had a hit, two walks and a stolen base.

Down East box score

For Hickory, Mason Englert started and went five innings, allowing a pair of runs while striking out six and walking one. Evan Carter had a hit. Luisangel Acuna had a hit, a walk and two stolen bases.

Hickory box score

The Roughriders had Jack Leiter start and go an inning, allowing two hits while striking out one. Jonathan Ornelas was three for four with a triple. Justin Foscue and Dustin Harris each had hits.

Frisco box score

Cole Winn started for Round Rock and had a better outing than he has been having of late, allowing a pair of runs in 4.1 IP on four hits and a walk, striking out four. Winn threw 64 pitches, 42 of which were strikes. Jose Leclerc faced three batters and threw four pitches, with the results being a ground out, a single and a catcher’s interference. Jason Bahr walked three, struck out three and gave up a homer while allowing two runs in 2.1 IP. Demarcus Evans struck out two in an inning of work.

Bubba Thompson had a walk and a double. Nick Solak had a walk and a single.

Leody Taveras was not in the lineup, but the Round Rock game started before Eli White’s injury, so it wasn’t a matter of Taveras not playing because the Rangers need a replacement on the roster for White.

Round Rock box score