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Thursday Morning Links


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Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Levi Weaver says that Ezequiel Duran and Jesus Tinoco are making a really strong case for their continued presence on the big league roster, though the chances of Tinoco sticking around as more established relievers return from the IL are slimmer than Duran’s.

Although, keeping both Duran and Josh Smith on the roster and getting at-bats rather than playing Candy Crush and wasting development time would be a priority if Duran isn’t sent back to the minors.

Ezequiel Duran will be joining Nathaniel Lowe and Brad Miller in the history books as the only guys that have been victimized in two immaculate innings in a single game.

Kennedi Landry chooses to look at the bright side of last night’s loss, that being Kolby Allard and Jesus Tinoco, rather than Tyson Miller.

Joseph Hoyt points out that sometimes a shitty option is your only option.