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Thursday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Jon Gray went and had his best outing of 2022 and the offense had to go and spoil it by not converting with runners in scoring position.

Hopefully, this start was a sign of things to come and the Rangers offense didn’t waste the only good outing we are ever going to get from Jon Gray.

Evan Grant notes that the Rangers were within a hit with men in scoring position of finally having a winning record.

Both traditional and advanced metrics say the Rangers are exceptional on the basepaths.

Jack Leiter struck out eight on 93 pitches, continuing his march to the big leagues.

Leiter said his best professional game was the result of trusting his catcher and the guys playing defense behind him.

Levi Weaver looks at how all the involved parties have performed since the Joey Gallo trade went down and observes that everyone is doing pretty well except for Gallo.