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2022 Texas Rangers Weekly Recap Vol. 5-ish

This should really be Vol. 10, oops

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

2022 Texas Rangers Record: 31-35

Rangers Series Record: 3-4

So I really have dropped the ball the last month... and to be fair so have the Rangers. (That’s a reference to the Rangers being tied for 5th in most errors of any team in the Majors.)

But anyway, full-time jobs aside, I’m back!

After a 17-10 May, Texas is currently 7-10 in June. And they’re not playing like they’re be on a 10-game winning streak any time soon. The Rangers lost the series against the Astros earlier this week after winning the first game of the series. They then split a four game weekend series against Detroit after winning the first two games.

However, their win against Detroit in game one, which featured a comeback thanks to a two-out bases loaded triple by Ezequiel Duran, got me thinking. It feels as though the Rangers have been better about attempting a comeback in later innings if not completing one.

For the sake of my own research criteria and narrowing down results, I’m gonna call it a comeback win if they were losing after the fifth inning and went on to win the game.

3 in June, so far. (Two of which happened this week, the win in Houston and the first win against Detroit)

5 in May

1 in April.

Now those are just completed comebacks by my count. That’s not including the games they lost but still kept trying. And I think that’s important because there have been recent seasons where it has seemed like if the Rangers don’t take an early lead, they’ve lost the game. The fight is just gone. Another stat that I believe shows how the Rangers are still keeping up offensively when defense and pitching has let them down, and that’s run differential.

The Rangers have a -4 run differential this season. That’s after Detroit outscored them 21-10 in the last two games. Based on their run differential, according the, they should be at .500 right now, 33-33.

In the AL West, the Rangers have the second best record (13-19) against teams over .500, only behind the first place Houston Astros who are 8-7.

I’m not saying this to be like “Look the Rangers will make it to playoffs this season!” or to say they aren’t frustrating as hell to watch at times. My thinking is just that this month has been a rollercoaster for the Rangers after such a great May, and honestly maybe I don’t have a point to this, but I at least think this team is fun to watch, more so than recent years.