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Wednesday Morning Links


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Philadelphia Phillies v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Martin Perez pitched a nice game against former Ranger Kyle Gibson while the Ranger offense delivered dongs for a very satisfying 7-0 win last night.

Jim Bowden says that Martin Perez is one of the most attractive starting pitchers available for contenders should Texas realize that they aren’t a true contender this year.

Joseph Hoyt likewise tells us that Martin Perez likely has significant trade value in a year the Rangers don’t have much hope of playing in October.

Only three Rangers have made the top 10 in All Star voting for their positions, if you’re care about that kind of crap.

The is some roster juggling going on with Josh Smith and Mitch Garver coming off the IL.

Kennedi Landry is waxing poetic about how nice it is that Martin Perez is finally realizing the promise he showed when the Rangers drafted him 15 years ago.