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Minor league update for 6/24/22

Your minor league update for the day that was

Summer weather June 12th 2022 Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

Josh Stephan started for Down East and threw six shutout innings, striking out eight while walking two. Dylan MacLean threw a scoreless inning.

Ian Moller had a double and a walk. Daniel Mateo had a hit.

Down East box score

For Hickory, Evan Carter went three for five with a double, a walk and a stolen base. Cody Freeman was two for three with two walks and a stolen base. Aaron Zavala had two hits, two walks and a stolen base. Luisangel Acuna had three walks and a stolen base. Angel Aponte had a hit, two walks and two stolen bases. Chris Seise and Trevor Hauver each had a walk and a hit.

Hickory box score

Jack Leiter needed 89 pitches to get through four innings, allowing two runs on two hits and five walks, striking out four.

Justin Foscue picked up a single and a double. David Garcia had a single and a triple. Jonathan Ornelas had a pair of hits. Dustin Harris and Blaine Crim each drew a walk.

Frisco box score

Kolby Allard struck out six in 4.1 IP for Round Rock, allowing two runs. Demarcus Evans struck out both batters he faced. Jonathan Hernandez allowed a run in 0.2 IP, striking out two. Chase Lee allowed two hits while striking out three in a scoreless inning.

Sam Huff homered and walked. Zach Reks and Steele Walker each had hits.

Round Rock box score

Feliciano Serrano threw a scoreless inning for the Surprise Squad. Kelvin Gonzalez made what appears to be his first appearance in a real game since 2019, allowing a pair of runs in 0.2 IP. Joseph Montalvo struck out four in four scoreless innings.

Gleider Figuereo homered and walked. Miguel Aparicio — remember him? — was one for three with a walk in a rehab appearance. Jojo Blackmon homered. Andres Mesa had a pair of hits.

ACL Rangers box score