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Minor league update for 6/25/22

Owen White makes his AA debut

Fall Stars Game Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Mitch Bratt started for Down East and was dominant, going five shutout innings while allowing no hits or walks (he did hit a batter), striking out seven. Bradford Webb went the rest of the way, throwing four shutout innings, allowing a hit and a walk and striking out four.

Abimelec Ortiz was three for four with a homer. Alejandro Osuna was two for four. Marcus Smith had a hit, a walk and a stolen base (his 27th of the year, which is a lot for a guy hitting .160 on the year).

Down East box score

Larson Kindreich went four innings in his high-A debut, allowing two runs on two hits, two HBPs and three walks, striking out five. Destin Dotson threw a scoreless inning.

Evan Carter had a triple, a stolen base, and two walks. Aaron Zavala had a double. Keyber Rodriguez had a hit and a walk. Chris Seise had a pair of walks.

Hickory box score

Owen White was solid in his AA debut, striking out five batters in 5.1 IP, allowing two runs, walking two and giving up a home run.

Dustin Harris was two for four with a walk. Jonathan Ornelas had a hit.

Frisco box score

Spencer Howard started for Round Rock and had another acceptable outing, allowing two runs on two hits and two walks in five innings, striking out five. Jonathan Hernandez allowed a pair of hits in 0.2 IP. Yerry Rodriguez threw 1.1 scoreless innings, striking out two.

Sam Huff had a homer and a walk. Josh Sale had a single and a double. Bubba Thompson and Steele Walker each drew a walk.

Round Rock box score

Jose Gonzalez gave up four runs in 2.2 IP, striking out four. Kai Wynyard allowed a run in 2.1 IP, striking out four. Evan Elliott allowed a home run and struck out one in an inning of work.

Miguel Aparicio was one for three. Danyer Cueva had a pair of hits and a walk. Jojo Blackmon had a hit, a walk and a stolen base.

ACL Rangers box score