Playing with a trade website I found online

So there's this website where you put in trades and it tells you if they make sense. basically you want to make sure the dollars are the same for both teams and if they were then the trade makes sense.

I was bored and it was fun to put the trades in for the rangers because they're my favorite team. I put in several trades here's the first one.

Juan soto is good and sticks his tongue out. he acts like a tiger driving a bus in the box. so I want the rangers to get him but it's hard to make the numbers look the same. his number is over 168 so i tried to add a lot of ranger players but the website broke.

I didn't think dunning was worth more than duran and the third most on the team but the website is not wrong so there you go. the website stopped me and said i had too many players when it looked like this:

so that didn't work I dont like this website as much but I want to get soto bad because he has strong legs to jump into a grocery cart.

I think hard and how to make trade work and found that some players can have a dash sign next to number. i ask alexa what the dash sign next to a number is and it says n dash. then i accidentally added a ndash one and it made the nationals number go down so i added the biggest one his name is strasburg. heres what happened

it made the number 47 which is much smaller than 499 so i added some more rangers players and this time it worked. i killed players that i don't like so they will go away forever to the whitehouse museum. now the trade worked though but lets do damage to ourselves and do another. this time we'll add more ndash players

now the rangers get the nationals two big ndash stars so they really get lots of bad players. rodriguez is known as a ball bucket in this trade because no one knows who he is but the rangers now have lots of new players. one more then time for nightey night.

i thought about doing another nationals but its hard to make the soto trades work. i think they glitch the website for some reason so i will now acquire bryce harper and wheels.

harper is 35 but it won't let me add it so just add that in with your imaginaton that makes it rough 77.

rangers now have an outfielr and start pitcher for only a bunch of puppies. pretty good id say.

overall i gvie the website 7 points because soto makes it glitch and harper box doesn't work i'll let them know on facebook messenger that they need to fix it.