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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Where Sundays are not fun days

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Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Good morning.

Joseph Hoyt writes that the Ezequiel Duran’s first big league home run showed his fearlessness for the Texas Rangers.

Kennedi Landry too focuses on Duran’s day in his second start when otherwise it would mean focusing on another Sunday afternoon that the Rangers frittered away.

Hoyt writes that the Rangers have been abysmal at zombie baseball which is fine because as soon as baseball reaches extra innings under these idiotic rules, all results are illegitimate.

Jeff Wilson writes that it’s Martin Perez and not Clayton Kershaw that is the lefty who has returned to a place he once called home to have a superlative season with the Rangers.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that Perez’s weakest outing in weeks being a six-inning, two-run start shows how far the expectations have grown.

Levi Weaver’s Weaver Wire covers the latest on the Rangers including the call-up of Steele Walker, who had a quiet debut yesterday.

As an except from her newsletter, Landry notes that Corey Seager still loves hitting at The Shed.

And, Dan Szymborski takes a sneak peak at the trade deadline for FanGraphs where Perez is granted his own paragraph.

Have a nice day!