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Fangraphs Rangers top 50 prospects is out

Fangraphs has released their top 50 prospect list for the Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by Robert Beck/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Fangraphs 2022 Texas Rangers top 50 prospect list is out, and the usual suspects are at the top of the rankings. There is a mild surprise at #1, with Josh Jung claiming the top spot ahead of Jack Leiter, but overall, the guys who are in the top 10 are the guys you’d likely expect to see in the top 10.

Sam Huff cracks the top 10 list, which is also mildly surprising, given the level of talent the Rangers have accumulated and the fact that FG has long been skeptical of Huff. They’ve had questions about his ability to stay behind the plate in the past, but this year say he’s “become a viable defensive catcher despite his size,” which is going to help him in the rankings.

The Fangraphs lists are often a bit on the idiosyncratic side, and this year is no different — I suspect there aren’t many folks who would put Jonathan Ornelas ahead of Luisangel Acuna, or Mitch Bratt, Justin Slaten and Mason Englert above Ricky Vanasco, or Hever Bueno over Cam Cauley, or Marc Church #13 in the system and Yohel Pozo at #33.

Check it out, and let us know in the comments who you think is too high or too low...