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Thoughts on a 4-3 Rangers loss

Mets 4, Rangers 3

Texas Rangers v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Mets 4, Rangers 3

  • “Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb…Babe, I got you babe…”
  • I swear, I feel like I’ve seen the Rangers play this game a dozen times this season. The starter has a mediocre outing, the bullpen does it’s job, but the offense struggles and the Rangers lose a low scoring one run game.
  • This was the Rangers 14th one run loss of the year. They’ve won four one run games. I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that seven of the Rangers one run losses have come in games Dane Dunning started, which seems rather nuts. At least the latest one run loss means that Dunning’s starts have resulted in just half of the team’s one run losses, rather than more than half.
  • This is the sixth 4-3 loss the Rangers have had this year. They have not won any game this year by a 4-3 score.
  • The Rangers have scored four runs in a game only five times this year. They have more 4-3 losses than games when they’ve scored exactly four runs. That’s also weird.
  • Four runs appears to be the magic number, by the way. If the Rangers score four or more runs in a game they are 27-7 this season, if I counted right. It shouldn’t seem to be that hard to score four runs in a game.
  • The Rangers have scored three runs in a game 19 times this year. They’ve scored four runs in a game only five times. What is this deviltry?
  • Just two swings and misses out of 66 pitches for Glenn Otto today. Otto was pulled after a four run fourth inning which produced all the Mets runs. Three walks issued, just one K, and a two out three run home run that was the difference in the game.
  • Marcus Semien and Nathaniel Lowe each homered, so hooray for that.
  • Glenn Otto topped out at 94.0 mph. Brock Burke touched 97.2 mph. Garrett Richards hit 95.3 mph. Brett Martin reached 96.1 mph.
  • Nathaniel Lowe’s home run had an exit velocity of 111.1 mph. Adolis Garcia had a groundout at 110.9 mph. Marcus Semien’s home run was 104.6 mph off the bat, and he had a GIDP with a 105.8 mph exit velocity.
  • Bah.