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Four Rangers in BP top 60 prospect list

The Rangers have four prospects who made the Baseball Prospectus midseason prospect list

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Baseball Prospectus has their midseason top 60 prospect list out, and the Texas Rangers have four players who crack the list.

Jack Leiter may not be #1 on every list of Rangers prospects currently, but he’s still the top Rangers prospect according to BP, as he checks in at #24 on their board, between Pete Crow-Armstrong and Taj Bradley.

Ezequiel Duran is close behind Leiter, checking in at #31 with a report that sees his upside as being a “solid, power-hitting third baseman.”

Speaking for solid, power-hitting third basemen, Josh Jung comes in at #41 — even with being sidelined this year, he appears to still be a consensus top 50 guy.

Rounding out the group, at #55, is outfielder Evan Carter, whose solid season at Hickory has seen him move up the charts.

Interestingly, the Orioles’ Gunnar Henderson is the #1 prospect on their list. Based on what I’ve seen someone with BP say on Twitter, I think they are catching some flak from some folks about it. Henderson is a surprising pick at #1, though not so much so that I think folks should be torquing out about it.